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Business Continuity Statement

Securities industry regulations require that brokerage firms inform their clients of their plans to address the possibility of a business disruption that potentially results from power outages, natural disasters, or other events. Moss Adams Wealth Advisors LLC and Moss Adams Securities & Insurance LLC have a comprehensive business continuity program in place.

Third-Party Rankings and Recognition

Third- party rankings and recognition from rating services or publications are no guarantee of future investment success. Working with a highly rated advisor does not ensure that a client or prospective client will experience a higher level of performance or results. These ratings should not be construed as an endorsement of the advisor by any client, nor are they representative of any one client’s evaluation or experience with the advisor. Generally, ratings, rankings, and recognition are based on information prepared and submitted by the advisor, and/or are part of a process in which not all advisors elect to participate. Criteria may include, but are not limited to: Nominations from the advisors themselves, readers, industry associations, clients, and other advisors; unverified portfolio returns; compensation structure; success in indentifying and achieving client goals; client retention rate; types of clients; and the advisor’s self-described business philosophy, professional longevity, and advisor-client relationships.